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 was founded by
Larry Chait, who has held leadership positions in consulting, information management, product development, and marketing for 40 years.  A frequent conference speaker and author of numerous articles, Larry has been recognized by industry journals as a "thought leader" in KM and process improvement. 

laurence_chait (1)Prior to launching Chait & Associates, Larry was a Corporate Vice President of Arthur D. Little, Inc.  He designed ADL's process improvement service and developed the firm's global practice in this area.  He also built ADL's internal, global Knowledge Management function and served as the firm's first Chief Knowledge Officer.  In his earlier consulting role at ADL, Larry led major engagements in change management, process improvement, and strategic IT planning for clients ranging from start-ups to the Global 100.

Larry has consulted to well over 100 organizations.  Several representative client logos appear to the right.

Before he entered consulting, Larry launched two companies—an early provider of automated accounting services and a specialty retail enterprise that achieved national recognition.

Larry is currently President of The Boston KM Forum, a Community of Practice for individuals involved in the field of Knowledge Management.

To view a CV for Larry Chait, click here.  If you need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, click here.

Working with Larry is a network of senior professionals with unique credentials, including:

Authority in Sustaining High Performance
Over 30 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies achieve and sustain high performance.   Helps organizations capitalize on I/T for competitive advantage.

Expert in Leveraging Knowledge
An information-services professional, entrepreneur, and consultant who focuses on identifying and improving processes and procedures that leverage organizational knowledge.

Leader of Transformational Change
Led the resource network charged with creating transformational change in a global professional services firm.  Works internationally to help firms leverage the central role of consciousness in enabling breakthrough change

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