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As we travel the road of life, we encounter special people—individuals who have some special knowledge or ability—who end up on our "Experts" list.  We are happy to share that list with you.  A click on their names will take you to their sites.  Should you have reason to contact one or more of them, we would appreciate it if you would reference us as your source.

Lynda W. Moulton
LWM Technology Services, Preserving the Value of Knowledge
LWM conducts knowledge content and access audits; designs improvements in processes, taxonomies and indexing schemes, and supporting technologies; and helps ensure successful implementations.  With her background as the founder/CEO of the company that developed BiblioTech PRO, the premier integrated library system, Lynda has a deep appreciation of the enabling power of technology in KM initiatives.  And with a Masters in Library Science, she approaches KM challenges from the unique and much needed human perspective of the information services professional.


Robert M. Curtice
Performance Improvement Associates, LLC,
Bob Curtice is Vice President of Performance Improvement Associates. He was previously Vice President of Arthur D. Little, Inc. where he spent more than 30 years helping companies in a variety of industries improve their performance by streamlining their business processes and making effective use of modern information technology. He is the author of books and articles on database management, systems planning, and process improvement, including "Fundamentals of Process Management" and "Role of the Process Owner". Currently, Bob is also an associate researcher at the Babson Institute for Process Management.

Geoffrey Marlow
Aligned Agility, Accellerating and Sustaining High Performance
Geoff runs a specialist consulting organisation that helps people in high-tech and knowledge- based organisations work together more effectively.  Formerly Corporate Director for transformational change and head of innovation leadership at a 3,500 person, $600M+ global management consulting firm, AA's network of consultants, coaches, and change catalysts extends from their home base in Europe's high-tech capital of Cambridge UK throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

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