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Larry Chait has spoken at over 35 conferences on topics including knowledge leverage, process improvement, nonprofit planning, and the management of change.

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Sample Abridged Presentations

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Checkbox Plugging the Brain Drain Retaining Expertise in Today's Organizations (Adobe Acrobat/pdf, 14MB) Click here.
Today, the traditional problem of holding on to intellectual capital as people come and go is turning into a crisis.  Even worse, intellectual capital is squandered through poor assimilation, inadequate training, and ineffective processes.  To stop this constant brain drain, efforts to manage knowledge must be intensified. If done well, these efforts can leverage intellectual assets to improve the overall ROI on human capital.

Checkbox Change Ensurance (Adobe Acrobat/pdf, 8MB) Click here.
Statistics show that the about three-quarters of major change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives.  But with new diagnostic and change management tools, managers can identify and root out the seeds of failure well in advance of their germination.  These tools help ensure successful change.

Checkbox Collaboration— Requirements for Success (Adobe Acrobat/pdf, 8MB) Click here.
Material written about Collaboration is focused on software applications, program features, and hardware/ communications technologies.  Seldom does the discussion cover the other 80% of the factors that are critical to successful implementation and operation of Collaboration initiatives.


Recent speaking engagements

Checkbox Seminar Speaker, Gilbane Conference, Boston, MA November, 1012, "Technology Connectors for Knowledge Sharing."

Checkbox Moderator and Panelist, Boston KM Forum, October, 2012, "Launching a Knowledge-sharing Initiative."

Checkbox Track Moderator, KM World Conference, Washington, DC, November, 2010.

Checkbox Seminar Speaker, Nonprofit Net, Lexington, MA, September, 2010; Topic:"Business Planning 101."

Checkbox €¯Root Cause, March, 2010, Cambridge, MA:  "Innovations and Trends—Consumer Electronics Show, 1010."

Checkbox Nonprofit Net, September, 2010, Lexington, MA: "Business Planning for Nonprofits."

Checkbox Lesley University, December, 2009, Cambridge, MA:  "Strategic Issues for Nonprofit Survival."

Checkbox KMWorld Conference, November, 2009, San Jose, CA:  "Gaining Support and Buy-in for KM Practices and Culture."

Checkbox Boston KM Forum, Symposium on Personal Knowledge Management, October, 2009, Bentley University, Waltham, MA:  "New Tools for Personal Knowledge Management."

Checkbox Boston KM Forum, Symposium on KM 2.0, April, 2008, Bentley College, Waltham, MA:  "KM 2.0—Real or Hype?"

Checkbox KMWorld Conference, November, 2007, San Jose, CA:  "Managing Expertise:  A Key Focus for KM."

Checkbox KMWorld Conference, November, 2007, San Jose, CA:  Half-day workshop, "Critical Factors for KM Initiatives."

Checkbox Critical Logic Webinar, "Why are IT Projects so Hard?", September, 2007:  "Making Change Stick."

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