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High-value, Vision-focused Coaching

Are your employees and teams achieving their full potential...

...or do you sense major gaps you would like to see filled?

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Are you getting the traction you need...

...or do your most important initiatives go nowhere fast?

Coaching is a primary building block of all of C&A's services.  Our coaching work is comprised of a set of tools, skills, and experience that we have built over many years.  We help managers and their teams ask the right questions find the right answers, and make the right decisions.  In doing so, we ensure that they own those decisions.  This mode of work ensures that these managers and teams are laser focused on what is most important to them, own the answers/decisions that result, and move on to implementation with true determination

Why use a coach?

Coaching Pays Off!

According to the Sherpa 2012 coaching survey, the perceived value of coaching has risen steadily over the past several years.  Over 95% of respondents see the value as high, and about 2/3 see that value as very high.

Equally important, the credibility of coaching has also risen steadily over this time period.

An earlier survey of executives from Fortune 1000 companies found that coaching yielded significant benefits, including better working relationships, improved teamwork, and higher productivity.

Several studies of ROI for coaching have been reported showing returns consistently above 5x the investmentwith some results over 7x investment.

Coaching helps employees strive for and achieve their best—and pays for itself many times over!.


Coaching Scenarios:

Whether your goal is to sharpen leadership skills, correct behavioral problems, increase the success rate for new managers, or improve teamwork, we can help.  We:
Checkbox Help senior managers, teams, and individuals set aspirational goals—both personal and organizational
Checkbox Help them achieve their goals—and accelerate that achievement
Checkbox Provide the support, structure, and tools needed for success

Checkbox Your organization has a major initiative—a large-scale process improvement, or a  transformation in how you do business, or a merger—one that involves extensive change.  Your initiative is like a train.  You want to get it started on the right track.  Or it's fallen off the track and you need to get it back on.  Most important, you don't want to call in an army of consultants to get the job done.  You want your people to own the results—which means they have do the work.  But you're not quite sure your people are up to the task.  You need one-on-one coaching to ensure that the initiative has effective management support.  Then you need help to guide and coach your staff so they will get the job done.

Checkbox Most change projects are "challenged."  Only one third are completed on time and within budget—44% are over time, over budget, or end up significantly downsized—and the rest are simply canceled.  More often than not, major change initiatives face troubled lives.  If a sports team had the record of such an initiative, it would be far from a world championship—it wouldn't even have a winning season!  In such cases, we provide "Project Oversight"—which involves asking hard questions and surfacing problems, finding solutions to such problems before they become crises, and actively helping people in an organization develop the insights, skills, and controls needed to avoid or overcome such problems in the future.

Checkbox You have come up against a difficult business problem—possibly one your organization has never before faced, or one where your managers cannot arrive at a consensus on what action should be taken.  In such situations, a third-party perspective can provide tremendous value in helping you and/or your team analyze the problem and develop a credible and actionable solution.

Checkbox As managers develop, each becomes a particular kind of leader.  But as they move up through the ranks, they can find themselves in uncharted waters.  The skills that brought them to their new positions may be necessary, but not sufficient.  They may  feel threatened, and they may no longer seem to be the shining stars they once were.  On the other hand, they have been important assets for years, and you really don't want to lose them to your competitors.  (And just maybe, "they" are "you.")  They need guidance and coaching  to ensure that they continue to develop their skills and excel on the job.

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