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Is your company leveraging its intellectual capital to accelerate performance...or are you constantly reinventing the wheel?

"If senior executives managed their organizations' fixed assets and financial capital the way that they manage their companies' knowledge assets and intellectual capital, they would be fired...and likely sent to jail."
          ...Larry Chait 2010

On average, the value of an organization's intangible assets of  (its knowledge and intellectual capital) is up to three times the value of its tangible assets.  Yet in most organizations, overseeing those assets consumes little or no management attention.

Multiple factors argue that access to—and effective use of—knowledge will become increasingly important:
Checkbox Rapid, never-ending pace of change that is seemingly increasing
Checkbox Ongoing shift to knowledge and innovation as bases of competition
Checkbox Burgeoning of available information and access to such information

Next-generation managers who have a deep understanding of how knowledge is created and leveraged in organizations—and practical skills in how to achieve such leverage—will have a clear advantage over their peers.  Managers without these skills—and their companies—will find it difficult to thrive, and potentially, survive.


Your company's intellectual capital  includes the collective wisdom and expertise of your people, as well as your trade secrets, software code, and customer relationship data.

Unfortunately, most companies have inconsistent and ineffective ways to organize, access, share, communicate, and apply these valuable resources.  Rather than leverage knowledge and intellectual capital, they suffer from a "brain drain."

We can train your people in how to capitalize on your organization's growing and changing body of knowledge:
Checkbox Identify and prioritize your most critical knowledge resources
Checkbox Structure those resources into an easily accessible "knowledge taxonomy"
Checkbox Select and implement the appropriate  technologies
Checkbox Create the processes and shape the behaviors necessary to maximize the use of intellectual capital at every level of the enterprise

Watch for our new book on Knowledge Leverage! While many books have been written about leveraging knowledge and knowledge management, what's missing is a practical guide for everyday practitioners.  These people include both those who hold official "knowledge" roles and those who don't even know such roles exist—but who believe in the need and potential of leveraging their own and their organizations' knowledge.  People who lead knowledge functions in large organizations are certainly welcome to read this book—as we believe it will have value even for them.  However, our real focus is on those who seek to leverage knowledge in small and mid-sized organizations, and within departments in larger enterprises.

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