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We help ensure the success of your most important strategic and operational initiatives.  We apply the tools of change management, knowledge leverage, and process improvement to meet your critical business challenges. 

We specialize in working with forward-looking organizations—those who know that success depends on getting the most out of every resource.  We work not just to achieve high performance, but to accelerate and sustain it.

We can help organizations of all types and sizes, both for profit and nonprofit, and across all industries—whether local start-ups or established global players.

But our sweet spot is small-to-midsized organizations that are at an inflection point in their development—either moving to a new level or addressing a new challenge.

Whatever the project, we work closely with senior management, the line organization, and functional specialists to ensure that the solution really meets your needs and your team truly owns the results.

We offer services in six areas...

High-value, Vision-focused Coaching
Coaching is a primary building block of all of C&A's services.  Our coaching work is comprised of a set of tools, skills, and experience that we have built over three decades.  We work individually with Senior Managers, their staff members, and an organization's teams—to help them set and achieve aspirational goals and identify and resolve underlying issues.  We help them break the status quo and develop and manage change programs that deliver sustained performance.

Nonprofit Planning
We work with local and national nonprofits to help them solve vexing problems and develop strategies and business plans for growth and sustainability.

Knowledge Leverage
We help develop systematic ways to organize, access, communicate, and leverage a firm's knowledge and intellectual capital to improve performance. We help locate it, structure it, select the best access tools, and most important, create the processes and shape the behaviors necessary to maximize its use.

Process Improvement
While management fads—like "Reengineering"—come and go, the need to review, enhance, and improve processes has always been, and will ever continue to be, critical to the ongoing success of an enterprise.  We help organizations understand their processes and their potential for improvement, and plan the most effective ways to bring those improvements to the bottom line.

Consulting Practice Management
We share our decades of consulting experience with small-to-midsized consulting practices—usually those that are part of some larger organization.  We help these practices align their offerings and build the systems and staffs needed to deliver quality services effectively and profitably.  In different situations, we support these organizations as consultants, coaches, or interim managers.

Education and Training
In addition to our consulting activities, we offer standard and customized education sessions for both public and in-house consumption.  As in our consulting services, our training focus is on nonprofit planning, knowledge leverage, and process improvement.

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